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Discover our Handcrafted Holy Land Art!

Bethlehem Star Olive Wood Factory isspecialized in hand carved olive wood ornaments and religious items and is one of the largest factories in the Holy Land. It was established in Bethlehem in 1971 and is still going strong with more than 20 years’ experience in international markets.

We understand environmental requirements of sustainable quality, and all our products are made from tree trimmings only. Using only pruned branches is a natural consequence of how indigenous olive trees grow.

The indigenous olive tree is one of the slowest growing trees in the world, resulting in an exceptionally dense wood, with a beautiful grain that comes to life on the hands of our talented craftsmen. We cannot afford to cut the trees down as they provide olives and olive oil, both precious items that form the backbone of the local diet. This is the reason why we can only use the branches of this precious and expensive wood.

Craftsmen in Bethlehem have been carving olive wood for over 200 years. We have the knowhow and the respect needed to sustain both trees and our livelihood.

We are a permanent fixture in the Frankfurt fairs, Christmas World and Ambiante, as we have continuously exhibited there for the last 24 years, and therefore considered one of the most reliable sources of olive wood handicrafts worldwide.

Our creativity, combined with the talent of our craftsmen allows us to present a wide range of items (over 5000 in fact!) ranging from Nativity scenes, biblical figures, cribs, crosses and pendants along with non-religious articles. We spare no effort in investing in quality through the use of the best possible equipment and the best quality wood.

Our 20 years’ experience has given us the knowledge of on time delivery, excellent packing methods and strict quality control.

As we expand and grow, we welcome new initiatives and ideas, and our craftsmen are always eager to test their boundaries with contemporary designs and new ideas thus catering for your requirements as an esteemed client. So please contact us regarding any project that you could be interested in pursuing.

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Old Caritas Hospital Street
P.O.Box 269
Palestine VIA Israel

Phone: +972-2-2764656
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Email: hosh[at]olivewoodfactory.net

The Founders

Jamil Hosh

General Manager

Tony J. Hosh

Executive Director