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We are manufacturers and wholesalers of genuine handcraft Olive Wood products since 1971. Our products are of high quality with most competitive prices. Our services are unlimited as we can reach all parts of the world.

Bethlehem Star Olive Wood Factory has been established since 1971 under the supervision of experienced craftsmen. Professionalism and quality have been the motto of the establishment since its inception. Therefore, it spared no effort or money into having the best equipment, raw materials and craftsmen.

Famous for its richness, virgin oil and wood, the Olive Tree has been highly regarded since ancient times. The Armies in the futile crescent announced it as the blessed tree. The Canaanite, Philistines as well as all the nations who lived in the Holy land throughout the centuries, planted Olive Trees in various parts and tried to spread its cultivation. It is worth mentioning that the Olive Wood Tree should be kept for 150 years before its branches can be used for wood carving.